about Casper

Hi, and welcome to the website about Casper Wood, created for family and friends to watch him grow and keep updated with his development. You can read his journal to find out what he has been up to (and how his parents are coping!).

Casper Reilly Wood

born: 31 August 2011
parents: Rob and Clare Wood
brother of Olive and Jetson


Welcome to Casper's website, which is all about the third born child of Rob and Clare Wood. Here is all the latest news.

Sept 2012: Casper in Bridgetown

Here is Casper taking a stroll (and a little all) along the riverside path at Bridgetown, WA

July 2012: Casper feeding himself in Bali

July 2012: Casper's first steps

Casper took his first steps while we were on holiday in Bali.

Casper Pushing

learning to walk, down the hallway just like his siblings did.

March 2012: Casper Crawling

at 7mths

29th Feb 2012: 6 mth Comparison

siblings? Photos of Olive, Jetson and Casper all at about 6 months of age.

wood siblings

2nd Jan 2012

Our annual family Christmas photo.

wood family 2011

29th Dec 2011

Casper in the garden. At 4 months, he is doing really well lifting his head. He is very strong, and we expect him to be up and walking early like Olive was.

29th Dec 2011

uprightCasper at 4 months.

27th Dec 2011

video of Casper in the bath

25th Dec 2011

santas helperSanta's little helper. Casper may be only young, but that did not stop him getting heaps of presents, mostly from his granny.

13th Dec 2011

We have compared images of the three kids before, and at 3-4 months they still show striking similarities. People often comment that Casper looks like Jetson, but many of them did not see Olive as she was growing up. Take our word for it, Olive and Casper are spitting images of each other.

compare 4 mths

6th Dec 2011

Jetson teaches Casper a few things.

4th Dec 2011

The Terrible Trio of kids - not really. This is Casper at 3 months of age.

19th Nov 2011

beach sitterWe all went camping (of sorts) at a caravan park in Busselton. We think Casper is the outdoor type, as he slept much better in the tent than he does back home. Maybe it is the fresh air and the fluttering of the tent flaps that send him off to sleep.

7th Nov 2011

bundle of joybundle of joy

5th Nov 2011

sisterly lovesisterly love

3rd Nov 2011

held by grannyGranny and grandpa have come to Perth to see their new grandson. We spent lots of time together, such as a day at Landsdale Farm. We had a birthday party for Jetson too.

29th Oct 2011: 2 months old

Casper asleepIt is such a rare sight to see Casper fall asleep that we had to take a photo to show that he does do it occasionally. Here he is at two months of age.

26th Oct 2011

model materialCasper is already showing his good looks just like his siblings. Today his brother just came back from a short stay in hospital.

23rd Oct 2011

Three kids in a tub - the kids play so well together already. It is a tight fit in the bath but they love it.

three in a tub

21st Oct 2011

Here's a video of Casper resting on the lounge - for a while anyway. He constantly craves attention and doesn't like being left alone. Yes, that is tiring!

15th Oct 2011: Melbourne

leanne, briana and caitlinClare had a work conference in Melbourne that she did not want to miss, and of course had to take Casper with her. To our surprise he slept all the way over on the plane, but unfortunately did not maintain such good behaviour for the whole weekend.

grannyLuckily we had super granny Pam to help out. She was only too happy to spend some time with her latest grand child, and she did a fabulous job.

10th Oct 2011

wrappedupHere are a couple of photos of Casper at around 6 weeks old. Picnic

1st Oct 2011: 4 weeks old

jetson and casper in the bathWhat a size difference! You don't realise how big Jetson has grown until you place him next to a newborn. Jetson has been very loving with his little brother right from the start. We can just see them having a special bond for life.

19th Sept 2011: Casper at 3 weeks

Casper at 19 days oldHere he is nearly 3 weeks old. It has been a hard week for us all as Clare has been pretty sick with the flu, and unable to get the rest she needs to recover. Fortunately Casper has been OK, except for being always hungry and not sleeping as long as we would like.

12th Sept 2011: Casper at 2 weeks

Casper at 19 days oldHere he is nearly 2 weeks old, showing off his serious look. Everything has been going well thanks to lots of help from Casper's grandmother Nina, emergency food supplies and other help from friends. Rob has taken time away from the computer to help out, mostly by taking Olive and Jetson out to give Clare some quiet time.

9th Sept 2011: Supermodel names baby Caspar

Casper at 19 days oldNo, Clare has not got a new job as a supermodel. We did find out today that Supermodel Claudia Schiffer and her husband Matthew Vaughn called their son Caspar. This is old news (but new news for us), as they now also have two daughters Clementine and Cosima.

7th Sept 2011: Comparisons

Are these guys siblings or what? Olive | Jetson | Casper

wood siblings

4th Sept 2011: Father's Day

fathers day family photoFather's Day. We had booked a breakfast about a month ago, not sure when the baby would come and if we would be up for it. With a 3 day old and with a rough night's sleep, Clare was a trooper and came along to Miss Mauds for a buffet breakfast. Casper was great too, and mostly slept, making it a very enjoyable morning.

3rd Sept 2011

Casper's first bathHere is Casper in his first bath at home, our favourite photo of him so far. He's a looking a little bit jaundiced, but not too bad.

1st Sept 2011

on the way homeHere is Casper on his first car journey - on the way home from the hospital only one day old. His hands have pretty much not come away from his face since he arrived, he seems to have an oral fixation (don't all kids?). Dad did not drive anywhere near as slow as he did taking Olive home from hospital! (but drove under the speed limit as always)

1st Sept 2011

Hi, thanks for having a look at the site. We have received lots of messages. Clare and Casper spent the night at King Eddie's, and will be coming home today. Back to life as usual?!

A knot in the umbilical cord - True!

There were a few dramas during Casper's birth. The midwife at the Family Birthing Centre noticed his heart rate dropping during contractions, and was concerned enough to have us transferred up to the main birthing ward at the hospital so Clare and the baby could be monitored more closely. After more investigation and concern, Clare was seconds away from being wheeled into surgery for an emergency caesar, when she announced that the baby was coming out! And indeed it did with no problems, with the doctor immediately seeing what the problem had been - a knot in the umbilical cord. Further investigation online since has made us realise how lucky Casper was. A 'true' knot, as this was, is a rare occurrence with a greatly increased chance of stillbirth, as it can cause the blood flow from the placenta to the baby to be cut off. We feel very fortunate that Casper came out unscathed, and very thankful to the skilled staff at the birthing centre and on the ward.

31st Aug 2011: Birthday

Casper Reilly Wood was born at about 11am on 31st August 2011 at KEMH in Subiaco, Perth. Weight 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs). He was saved from the c-section by a last minute push by Clare, even a knot in his umbilical cord couldn't stop him. We are all very excited about this addition to our family.

big foot

Is it just me, or are his feet really big? Look out Thorpey.

Jetson poking

Big brother is asserting his dominance right from the start. He loves his brother already, he wants to have a look at the baby constantly.


See, there is brotherly and sisterly love.


Dad hasn't lost the touch!


and mum did a great job too!